Sep 142005
Authors: Caroline Welch

The Associated Students of CSU debated Wednesday whether to applaud or reprimand President Larry Penley for last year's alcohol decisions.

Some senators suggested Penley and others on the alcohol task force be thanked for reconsidering alcohol at Hughes Stadium, while others wanted to remind him of a breech in conversation.

The resolution proposed that members of CSU administration be applauded for their "hard work, judgment and inclusive decision making" and outlined how CSU students will be responsible in the future. It stemmed from last year's action to ban alcohol at Hughes Stadium without discussion with ASCSU as representatives for the student body.

"It's a soft bill," said Mike Watson, senator for college of natural sciences. "It's a weak cupcake we're tossing up to President Penley that he doesn't deserve. This resolution should not be a thank you note."

Others think the past should stay just that.

"We already strongly stated our opinions," said liberal arts senator, Robert Steele. "We don't want to be any more negative than we have to be."

Crystal Plant, controller for ASCSU, advised against hard legislation and encouraged senators to remember their constituents.

"The hard and nasty legislation has been done," Plant said. "There are four different ways this resolution could go. Find out what your college councils want. You're here to represent the students."

One suggestion was to table the bill all together.

"I would leave it in the past," said veterinary and biomedical sciences senator Robert Sons. "We don't need to discuss this any more."

The original intent of the bill, according to senator Mark Settle, who wrote the bill, was to move forward from last year and go back to inclusive conversations between the students and President Penley.

The primary focus is to move forward from this whole mess," Settle said. "Penley responded hastily and didn't consult the students."

Settle stressed processes before alcohol was banned without student input and encouraged returning to those original conversations.

The resolution was sent back to committee to be revised and presented for the third time at next week's senate meeting.

Part of the bill outlines student behavior in the future, and ASCSU has outlined a "Green and Gold Student Spirit Code," to help students to uphold the character of CSU.

The code, created by marketing director, Nic Redavid, outlines nine standards for CSU students at spirit events, like football games.

"It is not a list of rules," said Redavid, a senior liberal arts major. "It's expectations of CSU students put forth by CSU students."

The code, in part, outlines alcohol responsibility in response to last year's alcohol deaths and alcohol task force. It states: "If I choose to drink alcohol, I will do so legally (be of age 21 or older) and responsibility."

"Leaders on campus are encouraging students to drink responsibly," said Shelby Wood, director of student services for ASCSU.

But the code goes beyond alcohol to what being a CSU Ram really means.

"It's not just about drinking," said Redavid, who also served on a sub-committee for the alcohol task force. "It promotes being a responsible student and Ram Fan, and respect for other fans."

The inspiration for the student code stems from the University of Southern California and the spirit code their students wrote after alcohol was removed from their sporting arenas. Redavid looked at the code, wrote his own and presented it to ASCSU.

"It was well-received by ASCSU," Redavid said. "They were concerned about the wording at first. We didn't want it to be rules that could be used against students."



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