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Authors: Natasha Grunden

The Arnold Air Society (AAS) will honor prisoners of war and those missing in action with a 24-hour vigil.

AAS, affiliated with ROTC Air Force, will hold the vigil at 4 p.m Thursday at the flagpole on the Plaza.

Brianne McMullen, senior zoology major and AAS Squadron public affairs officer, said the vigil is an original way to have something official in the community that makes an impact for POWs and those MIA or killed in action.

"It's important to keep looking for the people still missing and pay respect to those people and their families," said Brandon Horii, AAS commander and senior civil engineering major.

McMullen mirrored Horii's thoughts and stressed the importance of raising awareness for those who don't know about being a POW or MIA.

"The vigil gives others an idea of the sacrifice in defense of our country and our country's interests," said Capt. Joseph Cruz, assistant professor of aerospace studies.

The vigil is open to everyone and will include 1st Lt. Robert Ball, a former World War II POW, who will speak during the opening ceremony. Attendees will also have the opportunity to hear the sounds of bagpipes played by Capt. Woody Boyd, assistant professor in the aerospace studies.

"New cadets and civilians are involved and able to see what these people went thorough," Horii said.

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