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Sep 132005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

It's a fast paced game where the players dart back and forth across the gym floor. A tight-knit team, they weave in and out, almost like they are dancing. With each hit the suspension builds. Long volleys are punctuated by a powerful kill, a triumphant block or an amazing dive. Both teams and the coaches are there. The referees come. Even Cam and the CSU cheerleaders show up. But one thing seems to be missing at CSU volleyball games – the fans.

The team rang victorious last year with an overall record of 26-4. Last weekend they won their first tournament of the year, the Hilton Classic.

Supporting football is great. It unifies the school against our rivals and fills the fall season with fun. Unfortunately, this giant sport overshadows the little guys. It's cold there in the shadow, doing well and getting none of the recognition. More students need to go out and cheer for the volleyball team.

All of the home games are free to students and located right on campus at Moby Arena. Why not go? A true Ram fan supports all CSU teams.

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