Sep 122005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Although Greek Life at CSU has worked hard to improve their reputation in the community, state and nation, poor decisions on behalf of some members have reversed the progress they've made toward eliminating the "Animal House" image they've so adamantly denied since last year.

University officials took disciplinary actions against eight Greek houses Thursday after some members participated in traditional "rise and ralph" parties Sept. 1. The university's decision to revoke Pi Kappa Alpha's recognition as a student organization and suspend seven other fraternities and sororities has enraged some members and sparked more controversy in the continuing debate about alcohol abuse in the Greek System.

While many Greek members had no part in this drinking tradition, it does not excuse the actions of the individuals who broke university and Greek System rules forbidding alcohol from chapter houses. University officials have taken the appropriate measures to punish the houses that participated in this behavior.

It's unfortunate that the irresponsible actions of some students have so negatively impacted the Greek System. Greek Life at CSU has been under a constant microscope since the alcohol-related death of Samantha Spady in the Sigma Pi house last fall. Even though this scrutiny may not be fair and non-Greek students drink just as much, members of the Greek community have put themselves in this position by deciding to become part of leadership organizations that are held to higher standards.




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