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Sep 122005
Authors: Megan Schulz

Last Saturday, you could have earned hundreds of dollars while doing practically nothing. Since we pay thousands of dollars to CSU every year, isn't it only fair that we should make a little money off them? A few select insiders are already onto the idea I am about to reveal.

The devastating 56-24 football loss we experienced on Saturday was made a little less painful for some willing to take a gamble. Some Ram fans made money by betting CSU would lose to Minnesota. Depending on how much you wagered, you could have made a little or a lot of money. Some bet online or with friends, but just by sitting and watching football, they earned money.

Our loss to CU was bad enough, but Saturday's massacre was downright ugly. If the team continues this streak, it's likely we will have a losing season. So if we bet against CSU, then we can win money to make the losses actually benefit us instead of breaking our school spirit. We can exploit the football team and maybe even earn enough money to make attending CSU a little less costly. It's the perfect solution to the tuition increase.

Often it seems alcohol only adds belligerence to a football game. It's embarrassing to watch drunk people act crazy on national television. But mixing gambling with a game instead of alcohol, results in excitement! You have money riding on the situation, so if you win, that's awesome. And if you lose your money, you can at least be happy the Rams won a game. It's a great way to get the adrenaline flowing.

Betting against our football team doesn't necessarily mean rooting against them. We can still urge them to win, as the masses of fans did at games this year. It doesn't seem cheering helps the team, so our chances of losing are still high and our money would still be safe. If devoted Ram fans can't be rewarded with a win, then they have to find another way to make all that football watching worthwhile.

In all seriousness, I would never actually advise anyone to gamble. The people who do bet against CSU may be considered wise, but I only make a bet when I am absolutely sure I can win. And that isn't very often. It would be great if our team could find it in themselves to surprise us with a winning season this year, even though we are off to a rocky start. Because honestly, I am sick and tired of hearing my friends from other colleges call me up to gloat and tell me how bad my football team sucks. As if I didn't already know.

I am choosing to use humor to deal with our losing situation. If I was a die-hard Ram fan and didn't laugh it off, I would be depressed all the time. Vince Lombardi said, "Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing." Is our football team falling into a losing habit? I hope not. Through thick and thin, we'll always be Ram fans. But we just might have to find ways to cope with this season. Whether it is with gambling, crying, laughing or apathy.

Megan Schulz is a sophomore technical journalism major. Her column runs every Tuesday in the Collegian.

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