Sep 122005
Authors: James Baetke

A 30-year CSU employee at the University Counseling Center was officially charged Monday for allegedly embezzling more than $17,000 from CSU by using a university credit card to make personal purchases.

Reva Jeannette Miles, 55, was formally charged in district court Monday with one count each of theft, embezzlement of public property and unauthorized use of a transaction device.

Miles is accused by the CSU police department for taking $17,200 by abusing a university credit card, commonly known as A-cards, in making unauthorized and personal purchases.

CSUPD filed a complaint Sept. 2 and a warrant was subsequently issued for Miles' arrest. Records show Miles turned herself in Sept. 6 and immediately posted $5,000 bail. She remained free Monday.

According to CSU police officer Lt. Mark Childress, the University Counseling Center became suspicious about Miles' spending habits and began the process for an internal audit. After the audit found evidence that funds may have been wrongly used, CSUPD began its investigation.

"This is a current, in-progress investigation," Childress said.

Details on the investigation are sealed and no further information is being released, Childress said.

CSU spokesperson Brad Bohlander would not comment on the specifics of the case, saying that police have not completed their investigation.

Miles has been on paid administrative leave since June, Bohlander said. It is unknown how long Miles will remain on leave.

The university credit card issued to Miles allows certain department personnel to make purchases for administrative purposes only.

"The A-cards are used to buy items for the day-to-day operations of a department," Bohlander said.

Employees of the University Counseling Center have been tight-lipped over the ongoing investigation and calls to the director were not returned.

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