Campus Blotter

Sep 122005



Criminal mischief – South Drive; vehicle had a mirror broken.

Criminal mischief – South Green lot; vehicle had a mirror broken.

Criminal mischief – Parmalee lot; vehicle had a mirror broken.

Disorderly conduct – Individual cited after he tried to get into a

vehicle stopped at a red light being driven by a civilian police

employee. He was intoxicated.

Removed a skunk from a porch in north Aggie Village.



Criminal mischief – a mirror was knocked off a car parked in the

Parmalee Circle.

Vehicle trespass, Westfall Hall – CD and subwoofer taken from a


Report of a transient yelling at passersby at the Remington Campus – Unable to locate



Motor vehicle accident, Laurel Street and Meridian Avenue – Vehicle going west turned left and was struck by a vehicle going east causing significant damage.

Traffic, Meridian Avenue and Plum Street – Driver cited for expired plates and no proof of insurance

Traffic, 1100 block, City Park. Driver cited for driving under


Traffic, Plum and Shields streets – Driver cited for expired plates.

Alcohol, interference with faculty/staff; Non-student was being

uncooperative with RAs at Westfall Hall.

Traffic, Shields and Elizabeth streets – Driver cited for driving under


Alcohol, interference with faculty/staff. Non-student was being

uncooperative with RAs at Summit Hall.

Physical disturbance, Westfall Hall. Report of 15 people involved in a fight. Two individuals reported being threatened by several males. Witnesses were unable to provide good suspect descriptions. Taser was deployed on one male who refused to cooperate with police trying to control the situation.

Criminal mischief, South Green lot – Four motorcycles were knocked

over. Possible suspect identified, but insufficient evidence to charge.

Criminal mischief, Moby lot – Vehicle belonging to Athletics had

damage to lights and mirrors.

Medical, Newsom Hall – Individual transported with unknown problem.

Report of missing police equipment

Welfare check of a non-student near Parmalee Hall. He was lost, so he was given directions.

Welfare check on a student in Corbett Hall. Not detox criteria.

Warned two individuals who were urinating in the trees at Plum Street and Moby Arena.

Report of people on the ledge at Edwards Hall looking in windows – Unable to locate



Hit-and-run motor vehicle accident in the Westfall Lot.

Criminal mischief, south Green lot – Vehicle's windshield broken with a rock



Non-student cited for Underage Consumption in the 600 block of South Howes Street.

Alcohol, Ingersoll Hall – Two individuals transported by ambulance for alcohol overdose. Individual who provided the alcohol was cited.

Trespass, Corbett Hall – Individual climbed onto the roof and

couldn't get down. He was cited for trespass and underage consumption.

Driving under the influence, 600 block West Lake Street – Vehicle contacted for speeding. Driver blew a .062.

Alcohol, search of the above vehicle incident to arrest revealed a large amount of alcohol. Passengers who were under 21 were cited for underage consumption.

Suspicious circumstances, Summit Hall – Two Hispanic males with an older man in a green Ford Escort were seen looking at bikes on the north side of the building. They were gone when officers arrived.



Shoplifting at the Bookstore.

Lost driver's license – Report initiated because of possibility of

identity theft.

Theft of a bicycle from the Physiology Building between Aug. 1 and

Aug. 12.

Hit-and-run motor vehicle accident at Forestry Building

Hit-and-run motor vehicle accident in the Visual Arts lot

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