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Authors: Nate Ramos

The CSU cross country team embarked on a tour of the Southwest by journeying to Albuquerque Saturday to perform in the New Mexico Invitational. The Rams returned from their tour with a second and third place trophy.

"The course was great and had a lot of competition. It was a bigger meet and that will prepare us for later in the season," said redshirt freshman Kirsten Anthony. "I wanted to feel good coming into the match. I was tired because of all the running leading up to the match. Overall I was pleased and liked how us girls stayed together."

The men's team placed third while senior standout Josh Glabb led the men's team with an eight-place finish.

"The meet went ok." Glaab said. "We didn't beat Western State but the loss is one that came early this season."

"Western State is a good team. They beat us because of training. Their nationals competition is earlier then ours and are running faster now to prepare for it," Glaab said. "But we were running through the meet. For the last few weeks we have been running 80-90 miles a week."

Glaab led the CSU men by finishing the eight-kilometer race in 25:14. The next two Rams to finish the race did not come until spots 12th and 16th, where senior Paul Michel and sophomore Jeff Wahl finished, respectively.

The lady Rams finished second, behind Adams State. They were led by April Thomas and Kirsten Anthony and Danielle Korb who all finished in the top ten.

But despite some success the Rams still say there is room for improvement. This improvement will be vital in weeks to come.

"I did alright this match. I would have liked to run a bit faster. But I'm not disappointed with my performance," Glaab said. "The next two weeks will be tough leading up to Notre Dame. It will prepare us for later matches in the season. We will take it easy before the match and probably go from 80 to 90 miles a week to about 45. Also we will be doing anything to get an advantage in these matches including eating better and different exercises."

But physical preparations can only do so much. The Rams are also focusing on other aspects of the game.

"A big deal with cross country is the mental game. If you begin to doubt yourself, you will fail. One thing I would like to improve is my mentality," said Anthony. "I need to tell myself I can do it otherwise I won't do well."

In order for a team to have future success it is not only about current talent but also about the level of potential. The CSU cross country team is a team that has potential.

"Jeremy Freed and Scott Sanders are true freshmen and did really well this match," Glaab said. "College is very different then high school. Every college match is like a high school nationals meet. But they raced really well and finished strong which is the hardest thing to do."

"Kristen Hemphill is doing well and Chantelle Dron is also doing well among freshmen. They are doing really well considering they are not really accustomed to altitude," Anthony said. "Especially Chantelle, who is from the coast. But considering how they are running, I can't wait for them to really get into it."

The lady Rams totaled 59 points this weekend and the men tallied 75. Their next competition is on October 1, in South Bend, Ind.

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