Campus Blotter

Sep 112005

Thursday September 8


Bike violation/interference with faculty and staff

Assist housing in Corbett with a contact

Two noise complaints in the north Parmelee load zone. All were told to quite down.

Follow up-cited two detox subjects from last night for underage consumption.

One Traffic Enforcement Education Program cite.

Suspicious: The owner of truck parked in the General Services Building parking lot stated he believed someone has been trying to break into his vehicle.

Safe walk from Moby to Summit.


Ten Bike Enforcement Education Program cites issued.

Foot patrol in the residence halls, D4 and Remington Campus

Several traffic citations and warnings.


Three car accident on Prospect Road at Center Avenue.

Lost or stolen key reports.

Motor vehicle accident involving property damage in the Moby lot.


Report of civil matter where we advised them to talk to a lawyer.

Suspicious circumstance by Yates Hall.

Fire alarm at Agricultural Engineering Research Center where an airline broke so the air compressor was on all the time and started over heating, causing some oil smoke in the building.

Two Bike Enforcement Education Program tickets and some traffic warnings.

The President's speech and the picnic went well.

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