Sep 112005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

The buddy system works great for summer camp and field trips. Too often, unfortunately, President George W. Bush has felt it necessary to resort to this pre-pubescent method of watching after his friends.

The latest, most egregious example has been the disgraceful incompetence shown by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) head Michael D. Brown.

Brown, of course, lacked any of the assumed qualities one might look for in a candidate to head our nation's main disaster relief agency. All of the qualities that is, except the one that counts most – an inside connection to the Bush administration. As luck would have it (good luck for Brown, bad for the rest of us) Mr. Brown happened to be an old college chum of Bush's 2000 campaign manager, one Joe Allbaugh. Other than that Brown's main qualifications for the position was as commissioner of the International Arabian Horse Association from 1991 through 2001 and a brief stint as an assistant to the city manager of the sprawling metropolis known as Edmond, Okla.

If there were an agency in charge of riding horses through Oklahoma, then Brown would be the man. Unfortunately, saving lives and managing relief efforts was more along the job description.

Bush has shown a propensity towards elevating and promoting those who will support him, not those who will ask the tough questions. Unfortunately, like Sept.11, 2001, the invasion of Iraq and now Hurricane Katrina, Americans keep losing their lives because of the president's bad choices.

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