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Sep 082005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

CSU President Larry Penley made a plea to the community Thursday in his annual Fall Address to recognize the value of higher education. When voters go to the polls this November to vote on Referenda C and D, it is important that they realize the drastic affect the outcome will have on the university.

If C and D pass, an additional $1 billion will be given to higher education. If the referenda fail, the additional budget cuts from higher education will raise tuition for CSU students 30 to 50 percent.

CSU, as well as other Colorado universities, are a direct reflection of the state. Those who graduate here often settle here. Well-educated, capable graduates will not only boost economy, but also the way of life.

It's important that Colorado's universities remain competitive so that we can draw intelligent, talented individuals to our state, instead of losing them to out-of-state institutions.

Students at CSU can't afford to lose another $100 to 200 million in funding. Programs should not have to be cut, and tuition should not have to jump again.

Students and Colorado residents should vote in favor of Referenda C and D.

CSU is an institution of excellence, but to maintain that level of excellence and to continue moving forward, funding is needed.

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