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Sep 072005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

While much of the CSU campus appears to be perfect for the freestyle skateboarder with lots of rails and benches to do tricks, skateboarding in this manner are prohibited on campus. Grinding rails and doing tricks off structures can be damaging to university property. Plenty of measures have been taken to ensure that our campus is not destroyed by those boarders who choose not to follow the rules. Signs are posted in most of these areas and burrows are placed on ledges and railings to prevent grinding tricks.

These measures are not directed just at skateboarders. Rollerbladers and bikers are creating the problems as well. It is completely unnecessary to deface school property when there are so many other outlets to go to. There are several designated skate parks in the Fort Collins area alone.

Ultimately, these skaters and bikers are hurting themselves. When it comes time to replace the railings and other campus fixtures, where do they think the money will come from? It will be added to everyone's tuition.

Skaters often find themselves defending their sport, which is no wonder since some of them put themselves in situations such as this, giving the skating world a bad reputation. Police would not have to harass skaters if they were to abide by the rules.

We are very much in favor of all of these sports, if they are done in a respectful manner. Skating is an expression of freedom and creativity. The skating culture is a big part of CSU and should continue to be. But let's keep in mind that this is our campus. We should be proud of it and keep it in peak condition.

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