Go out for a good cause

Sep 072005
Authors: Jenny Ivy

I have never been to New Orleans. But when I close my eyes I can picture myself tapping my toes to the beat of the jazz filling the streets in the French Quarter.

But then I open my eyes and look at Katrina. The crying of orphaned children has silenced the jazz, and the spice has been replaced with what I can only imagine to be the smell of an absolutely wretched, stagnant cesspool.

Beginning with the worldwide concert fundraiser put on by the Live Aid movement in 1985, it has become clear to me that tragedy, relief and rocking concerts can all go hand-in-hand.

Live Aid raised an estimated $100 million dollars to aid starvation in Ethiopia and twenty years later, it is clear the music-adoring global community must once again help.

Living in Fort Collins, we rest assured that we might not ever have to worry about ripping waves or violent hurricane winds.

In fact, Fort Collins only had a taste of the current devastation when several neighborhoods, as well as the CSU campus, were flooded in 1997. For residents, there indeed is a common hurt that connects Fort Collins with the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

I, for one, am astounded by the efforts put on by local concert venues, restaurant establishments and bars. Everything from ticket sales to tips are being reserved for Katrina victims in the hope that Fort Collins money will be able to reach those who are most in need.

This is of course a college town where Thursday becomes the new Friday, and where money spent on drinking and concerts is money considered well spent.

So to all students, I urge you…go out! Spend money!

Consider your put-away concert pocket savings this time not as just a splurge, but as a chance to help while shouting out the usual thank goodness its Friday (or Thursday) holler.

As a university, let us show that if are going to go out and spend money to party hard and to entertain ourselves, we can do it with the most generous of intentions.

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