Sep 072005
Authors: Elena Ulyanova

Long lines crowded the Lory Student Center (LSC) food court more than usual Wednesday afternoon.

The temporary closing of Subway, Villa Pizza and the Ramskeller may have contributed to the lines. These restaurants, located on the lower level of the LSC, closed because of a drain back up that began around 3 p.m. Tuesday.

Tamene Abebe , director of operations in the LSC, said the drains were worked on and cleaned until noon Wednesday when water began to run clearly through the drains.

Although the drains were working, the maintenance workers spent the remainder of the day cleaning up the two to three inches of water on the floor and disinfecting any possible contaminants.

"Normally we don't really want to shut down the food facilities because of the inconvenience for the students, however we also want to consider their health," Abebe said.

While the Ramskeller opened up in the early afternoon, Subway and Villa Pizza remained closed for the rest of the day. All restaurants will be open today.

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