ASCSU encourages ram pride

Sep 072005
Authors: Caroline Welch

With less than 24 hours to go before the annual fall picnic, Associated Students of CSU senators voted Wednesday to pass a resolution, encouraging attendance at the event.

The resolution was moved to emergency status, meaning it could not be put back to committee and must be voted on before the end of the meeting.

Jennifer Debes, agricultural science senator, said she was asked Friday to write the resolution by Speaker Pro Tempore Brett Gulick, who proposed the resolution last year.

"The goal is to make faculty and students aware of the event in an attempt to increase attendance," Debes said.

As senators, voting members of ASCSU cannot endorse events until a resolution is passed. This resolution is passed every year, and it is not uncommon to see a proposal the night before the event.

"This is one of the first resolutions of the year, and we have a brand new senate," ASCSU president Courtney Healey said. "I appreciate them getting it out to the students."

This year, ASCSU encourages students to wear their "For-Ever-Green" shirts at the picnic to show ram pride.

"We want to show ram pride at all events," said Shelby Wood, director of student services for ASCSU. "It's not just for athletics. The shirt is how you show you are a CSU student and have pride for your school."

The shirts are part of a program ASCSU calls "For-Ever-Green," named to encourage continued identification as a CSU ram and for the "enduring qualities of evergreen trees," said Wood.

Students who do not wear a "For-Ever-Green" shirt to the picnic will be given a coupon to receive a discount on the $12 shirt at the CSU Bookstore, said Wood. Over 4000 shirts will be given out at the first home football game on Sept 24.

ASCSU already gave out 4500 shirts to freshman students at Ram Welcome; however, their shirts sport a college label on the sleeve.

"It is a special shirt for them to feel welcome at CSU and their college," said Wood. "But they are the same as everyone else's so they feel like a part of the CSU community."

The program was developed in 2003 by former ASCSU president Jesse Lauchner and Katie Clausen, who served as vice president in 2003-2004 and president in 2004-2005.

"We have a desire to show a unified student body," said Wood. "It's more than a shirt. It's what it means to be a CSU Ram."

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