To the Editor:

Sep 062005

I am writing in response to news coverage on the tragedy that Hurricane Katrina has brought to New Orleans and this nation. I do not understand how this country has become so overcome by indifference that people sit and watch the tragic events unfold and do not feel obligated to help in some way. The people of New Orleans, though far away, are still members of this great nation, the United States of America, and still deserve the help of Americans nationwide.

I understand that only so much can be done with the limited resources that we have. However, would these resources be so limited if each person were to help in some way, even if it meant only giving a few dollars to the Red Cross to aid in the relief effort? People of this nation, citizens of the city of New Orleans, regardless of race, gender, class status or religious and sexual affiliation, are dying because they are not getting enough food and water to survive. There is not enough money to pay for buses to come in and remove people from the toxic, disease-ridden waters that have flooded the city. The sick, elderly and worse-off people of that city do not have the means to help themselves during this tragic time. As Americans, it is our moral duty to find some way to help these people. Would you not want somebody to do the same for you if you were in their situation?

I hope and pray that Americans across the country can find the compassion to aid these people in some way. Isn't time we stop watching the devastation passively and start helping these people, this country, find a solution to this tragic disaster?

Eric Fetherman


wildlife and fisheries biology major

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