Sep 052005
Authors: Paul Baker

The crowd was deafening as 54,972 people watched the Buffaloes of Colorado defeat the Rams Saturday 31-28.

Students from each school took some of the best seats in the house. Arguably the best seats to watch a college football game are in the student section because of the atmosphere and the people around you.

The CSU game may have ended in favor of CU but that doesn't mean it wasn't exciting for Ram fans. There were moments of joy followed by moments of despair and agony. That is exactly how a football game should be.

"This is the best event this year," said CSU student Amanda Grams, a sophomore biological science major. "We're so glad to support the best team in the country," added Lindsay Waldie, a sophomore liberal arts open option major.

The Rams were ahead late in the game, 21-10. Creating turnovers and stifling CU's offense spelled curtains for the Buffaloes. But CU came back to score 18 unanswered points to take a seven point lead with 1 minute 30 seconds left in the game.

"I was just praying at the moment that we could come back and tie it," said Jon Miles, a sophomore liberal arts open option major.

With an eight-play drive that only took 54 seconds off the clock, the Rams tied the game at 28. "I'm so excited I can't control myself," screamed Marta Butler, a sophomore psychology major.

The CSU section went from dead quiet to erupting in pure pandemonium within seconds, to the point where this reporter couldn't hear himself think let alone interview someone.

"Everyone is shaking with excitement," Miles said.

But the way football games go these days, the good feeling the Rams had would only last a mere 32 seconds. CU drove down the field and Mason Crosby, on his 21st birthday, kicked the game-winning field goal.

"It was insane over there," said Katie Buhnum, a junior at the University of Colorado. "There were so many people, I'm just so glad that we won."

Buffalo fans stormed the field when the game clock struck zero, the ultimate reward for a fan at a game. The CU student section poured over the railings and ran to the center of the field to celebrate with their team. A feeling desired just as strongly by Ram fans as they walked away with disappointment.

But the CSU fans were respectful when the team walked past them into the locker room.

"They don't lose any respect from this game," Fort Collins resident Dan Barry said. "The fans clapped for them when they passed, it shows that they thought it was a good game. There's nothing wrong with that."

The mood of the crowd swung so much in both directions that it wore much of them out by the end of the game. But that didn't take away from the game.

"I've been to other football games, but this one is by far the most intense; I love it," said CSU sophomore open-option major Katie Bechter about her first CSU-CU game. "Honestly, you couldn't ask for a better rivalry. It's just so intense and everyone is so pumped up, it's fabulous."

With the atmosphere at Folsom Field and the caliber of both teams, this game will be hard to match the rest of the year.

"This game is always going to be close and go down to the last couple minutes," Ram fan Mike Grigg said.

Now we can only wait until the next match-up, when maybe Ram fans will be the ones on the field and CU fans are heading home disappointed.

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