Dear Editorial Staff.

Sep 052005

Dear Editorial Staff.

I am dismayed to find that Ryan Chapman is still writing for the Collegian. I understand that his is an "opinion" column, and perhaps I am mistaken in my belief that opinion columns are for the sharing of valid opinions. This is not to say that Chapman is not entitled to his opinion – every one of us is. That's one of the beauties of the United States; we can all say what we like (for how much longer is uncertain). Chapman's column seems to exist solely for the purpose of fomenting contention.

My protestation is this: Chapman's column does not serve any useful purpose. The information presented therein is invariably biased, bigoted and often outright false. To continue broadcasting his narrow-minded, uninformed views is doing every Collegian reader a grave disservice. His views on war and politics are unhelpful, and moreover are contumelious to those who are risking their lives in Iraq for a lie.

Thus I respectfully ask that the Collegian discontinue Chapman's column. If the editors would like to see proof and example of the charges I have made above, I will submit one per week, until the archive of his columns has been exhausted or he is removed.

Thank You.

Josiah Haswell

Freshman Applied Mathematics/Physics/Philosophy


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