Campus Blotter

Sep 052005




Minor motor vehicle accident involving a patrol car in the Corbett lot


Non-student cited for underage possession of alcohol at Lake Street and Whitcomb Street.


Three people were arguing in the International House lot. One was cited for urinating in public.


Driving under the influence, vehicle stopped for running a red light at Mason Street and Olive Street. Non-student blew a .151 Blood Alcohol Content.


Intrusion alarm at University Service Center. Employee error.






911 hang-up at University Village – was a misdial.


Checked outlying campuses.


Several traffic contacts resulting in a few tickets


Fairly quiet day.






DUI at Laurel Street and Meridian Avenue – Student stopped for weaving and driving in the bike lane. Blew a .067 BAC.

DUI at 600 block of Washington Avenue – Found a vehicle stopped and running in the middle of the road with the doors open. Driver blew a .234 BAC.


Very quiet shift after the disappointing loss to University of Colorado-Boulder.




Swing Shift

Possession of drug paraphernalia at Ingersoll Hall – Student found in possession of a pipe containing marijuana residue


Contacted a transient sleeping on a bench outside the Lory Student Center and told him to move on.


Noise complaint at Hughes Stadium – was a contractor working on the sound system.






Recovered a missing purse.


Odor of marijuana in Corbett Hall – occupants refused to open the door


Secured several buildings.






Found a marijuana pipe in a vehicle while helping Fort Collins Police Services with a search.


Phone harassment at Edwards Hall.

DUI at Prospect Road and Center Avenue – Student blew a .069 BAC.


Student at Westfall Hall was cited for interference with faculty/staff of an educational institution.


Student contacted on the Oval for riding a bike without a headlight was found to be in possession of a small amount of marijuana.


Marijuana complaint at Edwards Hall – Turned out to be legal tobacco


Marijuana complaint at Corbett Hall – Turned out to be a water pipe, but they were warned for smoking in the residence hall.


Noise complaint at Remington campus

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