Sep 052005
Authors: Ryan Skeels

If you haven't read Ray Bradbury's short story "A Sound of Thunder," it's just about time you picked up a copy. That and all of Bradbury's stuff would be quite the improvement to any good shelf of stories. However, if you've so much as caught a glimpse of the trailer for this movie, you've seen way too much. It's seriously hard to believe some people choose to hack the beans out of such great writing, and then have the nerve to sell it to the innocent.

In what is hopefully the sour end of a high stakes bet, Ben Kingsley confusingly decided to star as Charles Hatton, a wealthy man who has taken the new time-traveling technology and turned it into a hunting vehicle. His company is in charge of taking wealthy folk 65 million years into the past to hunt for the elusive Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Catherine McCormack and Ed Burns play crew leaders Sonia and Travis, respectively, and are careful to take every last precaution. They even go as far as to wear space suits and use a hovering walkway for a path so as to leave everything completely unscathed. Unfortunately for the crew, there's always going to be the inevitable weapon mishap causing one of the clients to slip off the path, and step on a beautiful butterfly, inevitably changing the future as they know it. If Travis and Sonia don't figure out a solution soon, evolution will catch up with them and the human race as they know it will cease to exist. The only thing standing in their way are annoying time waves, stupid looking monkey-lizards and a whole lot of pain-in-the-neck government agents.

Now if Bradbury got as mad as he did at Michael Moore for playing on his 'Fahrenheit 451' title, it's hard to image the fury inside after he sees his actual story torn to shreds. The acting is pretty weak, the graphics make Jurassic Park look a century ahead of its time, and the plot is just astoundingly dull.

It may not be fair that the expectations of this flick were considerably low prior to attending; however, it didn't even manage to exceed them on accident. Time traveling is a pretty neat idea though; it would make for a much easier way to forget you ever laid eyes on garbage like this.

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