To the Editor:

Sep 012005

The soaring rhetoric that is the hallmark of columns authored by Ryan Chapman is exceeded only by the eloquent prose he wears on his t-shirts. My personal favorite is the one emblazoned with, "F*** HOWARD DEAN."

Clearly, the CSU community basks in the warm glow of Chapman's genius. His thoughtful common sense displays a depth of understanding and breadth of research rarely seen in the pages of our campus newspaper. Assuming that he will soon be moving on to greater fame and glory, I have a proposal for the editorial staff of the Collegian. Publish not just his weekly opinion, but provide him a daily forum for his generous and welcoming musings. Judging by his t-shirt collection he possesses a veritable treasure trove of sage observations. Certainly, we can all benefit greatly from his insights.

Perhaps President Larry Penley could employ Chapman as a goodwill ambassador for his diversity initiative. It would be an appropriate platform for someone with Chapman's winning personality and I'm confident he has the perfect t-shirt for the task.

Surely we can all agree that Chapman is the exemplar that CSU wants to project to all prospective students, faculty and staff. It would be a shame not to fully exploit his gifts during his fleeting time amongst us.

Patrick K. Kavanagh

Fort Collins resident

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