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Sep 012005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

The devastation that has hit those remaining in the areas affected by Hurricane Katrina has pushed some starving and desperate survivors to looting and violence.

The question comes to mind as to why they are stealing. But the answer appears to be rather simple. Our government is quite frankly not doing enough.

People are stranded, tired and hungry. Chaos is breaking out. Guns, of all things, are being stolen. Guns! The Mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, continues to plead for help. But instead of rescuing those remaining in the area, the National Guard, state and local police are being deployed to these areas to calm the insanity. These people need out. The guns are being used to shoot at law enforcement. Why? They shooting to say, "you better come get my family out."

It's a horrific situation, but it's so hard to blame these people when so much time and money is sent overseas instead of being used to help our own citizens. Some think it may be because these citizens are not of the highest social standing. If Manhattan was submerged in water, would federal officials make more of an effort to provide victims relief?

It may not be hitting a lot of you who have no personal connection, but it is real; a catastrophe greater than that of Sept. 11, 2001. Dead bodies are lying wrapped in sheets on the side of the road, while others are merely floating in the floodwaters. Babies are crying from starvation, people are being beaten and raped and some are still trapped in their houses. The federal government's feeble efforts aren't providing enough relief to these people.

We have a war against anarchy going on in the Gulf. Now we need to fight it.

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