Dear editor,

Sep 012005

I'll certainly be sleeping easier now that Angie Paccione has revealed the best-kept secret in the universe, "In fact, Jesus was a Democrat."

He was? I may not have the kind of direct access to time machines and ancient historical figures that Paccione apparently does, but I was under the impression that one of the main reasons Jesus has drawn such a following throughout the ages is that he was entirely apolitical. He reached out to ALL the hippy liberals, war-mongering conservatives and just plain regular folks of his time. And he was willing to die a humble death rather than formulating a powerful "platform" to destroy his enemies.

Thanks, Paccione, for furthering our "culture of partisanship" with your arrogant mingling of church and state. Isn't this just what the president is criticized for doing?

Anna Broeker


psychology and creative writing double major

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Dear Editor,

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Sep 012005

Given that he is willing to shoot at Americans, perhaps Ryan Chapman would care to join the Army and shoot at Iraqis.

We need the help. I mean he is willing to, given that he fully supports the war. And from his picture, my wife and I thought he looked healthy enough to be over there.

Odd how chicken hawks are all lips.

John Qazwick

Fort Collins resident

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