To the editor

Aug 312005

For multiple days I have had to read editors of this paper discussing our patriotic right to protest. I have grown tired of the editors and letters attacking people for who they are, such as by calling those protesting against the war "hippies".

Perhaps you should try defeating your opponents with logic, not rhetoric and childish name-calling. Secondly, Ryan Chapman should be careful because protesting in the 60s helped to give blacks proper rights, so stances such as protests being pointless and not accomplishing anything is outright appalling and shows a lack of education and why he should not be allowed to write for a newspaper.

Newspapers are supposed to use facts to support their stance on issues as we, the people, use newspapers to get facts and to make decisions. When the newspaper editors are allowed to write opinion sections in which they state opinions and give lies, they hurt the entire journalist community.

Many in this paper are biased, but contrary to claims by some, the paper has a conservative slant. Mrs. Sheehan is protesting on behalf of her son who died in a vicious war. She is grieving and has decided that this is how she can grieve. It is her right as an American to protest and does not sully her son's name, but rather it shows what he died for. Freedom is still existent. Get over your name-calling and know what you are talking about or don't talk at all.


Yvonne Bazan

Computer Science


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