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Aug 312005
Authors: Brett Okamoto

he Rocky Mountain Showdown is knocking on our front door and because CSU only received 3,500 tickets to the game, many of us will find ourselves in Fort Collins for the big game this Saturday.

But don't give up and spend this glorious afternoon on your couch; get out and mingle with the rest of those who couldn't get tickets. Fort Collins offers a ton of places to go out and watch the game in a social atmosphere.

This year the Collegian has compiled a list of the top ten places to see the game. The list counts on several variables and the list may change depending on what you value most when watching a football game.

We've got places for the fan who sits so close to the TV, others start yelling and throwing peanut shells at him. We've got other places for the fans who want to be slurring their words and have invisible urine by the time the game's over. And we've got places where the food will be just as good as the game.

Of course when dealing with the college student specifically, another factor comes into play, "Where is everyone else going?"

Jessica Berthod, a junior health and exercise science major, just turned 21, but has already heard that Washington's is a good place to go.

"I hear a lot of people go there," said Berthod of Washington's during football games. "I think it would be fun."

"Sullivan's is good because it's close," said Ryan Dichter, a senior apparel merchandise major. "Washington's is good too because it has cheap drinks, lots of people; debauchery, drunkenness. I'd say I'm going to watch the game at Sullivan's though, for sure."

While college students may find bars in Old Town to be the most convenient and social, no bar in Fort Collins has served the community as faithfully and efficiently as CB & Potts, making it the Collegian's top choice to watch the game this year.

CB & Potts has been around since 1971 and has had a close relationship to CSU since. In addition to its close proximity, the fact that they also hold the Sonny Lubick press conferences has linked Potts to the university and the football program.

"It's absolutely our foundation," Bar Manager Terri Suber said of the university's relationship to Potts. "It's really what we're all about. We try to cater to not just the students, but the coaches and faculty as well."

In addition to offering one of the best atmospheres around and a loaded menu, Potts also has a Bighorn brewery/clubhouse right across the parking lot that brews signature beers served fresh at the restaurant.

The Bighorn Brewing Company brews such beers as Colorado Blonde, Total Disorder Porter and Big Red IPA, all award-winning beers.

According to Regional Brewmaster Kirk Lombardi, the brewery brews eight beers at a time, minimum, but tries to get up to twelve from time to time.

Potts is usually crammed every weekend but Suber said the game will just add to the crowd this Saturday.

"The place gets packed; it's tradition," Suber said. "It gets crazy in here with everyone cheering against the Buffs. I think this place is a destination for a lot of people."

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