Aug 312005
Authors: Jenny Ivy

Truth be told, I am a total eclectic. I love music. I love all kinds of music. Even better, I love the idea of free music.

Admittedly, I have to say that even if I see a sign on the side of the road saying "free dirt," the fact that there is the word "free" will make me think twice.

I'll stop to think, who wants free dirt, anyway? But then again, who wouldn't want dirt to be free?

My freshman year at CSU, I was overjoyed as I plugged my personal computer into the high-speed CSU network.

Coming from a household with a behind-the-times dial-up network, one can imagine my enthusiasm as I was uploading Web pages in less than two seconds.

I now was on a fast pace toward the rest of my life and I wanted my college PC to be going just as fast as I was.

After spending upwards of a hundred bucks on personal decorations to make my tiny two-person room a bit more like home, I was relieved when I realized there were outlets in this world that could make my music collection a little less harsh on my college budget.

I wanted my songs to be blasting down the halls of Parmelee with the personal satisfaction that I had not given in to buying an album of which I had only liked one song to begin with.

With a file-sharing program downloaded onto my computer, I was set for the rest of the year. No more buying CDs!

Then there was the phone call. There was a bit of a stern tone, a little threatening; the hidden authoritative voice on the other line telling me that if I do not delete the program sourcing the illegal file sharing, my Internet would be cut off.

Subpoenas and lawsuits swam through my mind. I imagined Metallica showing up at the Parmelee front office, demanding I give them their music back.

So, I gave in and deleted my entire music gallery. It was the all-time deletion of shame.

But after the program I was using to download my beloved songs, along with my favorite South Park episode, nearly destroyed all of my computer files with a virus so hidden not even my computer's search dog could find it, I knew it was time to say goodbye to file sharing.

I hit "system recovery" and I never went back.

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