To the Editor:

Aug 302005

To Mr. Ostrof, who feels more threatened by Pat Robertson exercising his free speech rights versus the actions of Mr. Chavez using his big nationalized oil profits to support world terrorism. I think he needs to finish up at CSU, get a job, pay taxes, go on an overseas trip to help the poor and then rethink his world-view of "words being scarier than actions."

Regarding the Air Force Academy, I think they are all adults that go to school, they're over the age of eighteen and I think if anyone is being "pressured" they can exercise their First Amendment free speech right and say "not for me".

Finally, I would ask Mr. Ostrof, if speech scares him, is he concerned about any speech that comes out of terrorist groups and their leaders that pledge to kill Americans?

Andrea Matich

senior, marketing major

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