Dear Collegian,

Aug 302005

In response to last week's article on the College Opportunity Fund, let me just say this fund offers anything but opportunity. Although the new system of funding schools began this semester, anyone but entering freshman will have "used" a portion of their lifetime limit.

I became curious about my account when I noticed a large portion of credits from my lifetime limit of 145 were already accounted for. Based on your class rank during the spring semester, COF administrators set a system for determining how many credits current students will have used; seniors were set at 90 credits, juniors at 60 and sophomores at 30.

According to this system, I have used over half of my lifetime limit, even though a majority of those credits that made me a junior were transfer credits from out-of-state institutions. The main point I want to make is that those in charge of creating this fund have limited our ability to educate ourselves to the extent we need and desire.

How many of you have changed your major, are here obtaining a second Bachelor's or perhaps completing prerequisites for a Graduate program? Under this new program, Colorado residents will likely end up footing the entire bill for any additional education they deem necessary for their careers or their own personal advancement. And with tuition costs rising, how many of us will be left without that opportunity?


Sarah Stanford

Senior Psychology Major

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