Aug 282005
Authors: Ben Bleckley

I laugh when I hear people complain about parking on campus.

Even with the addition of new Z parking lots, many still have trouble finding a place during the middle hours of the day.

I, however, do not. It takes me less than ten minutes from my front door on Elizabeth, past Lemay too a desk in Clark C. I have a parking space less than 100 feet from almost any classroom on campus. In addition, I have a metabolism that requires me to eat four meals a day, something I am definitely not against.

These are just some of the benefits of riding a bike to class. Fort Collins has an incredibly decent network of bike lanes and trails, especially along routes easily utilized by college students. Elizabeth, Remington and Shields all have separate bike lanes.

The exercise one gets is simply incredible. This week alone I've ridden over 50 miles. According to a bike computer I attached this week, I've burned over 1800 calories in that time.

For those of you who only ride in the summer, you don't need to fear a little foul weather. Go buy a couple tires, sharp tipped screws, puddy and an old inner-tube. After inserting the screws at regular intervals from the inside of the tire out, seal with the puddy. Then place half of the old inner-tube in each tire as a barrier between the inflated inner-tube and the heads of the screws. You now have your own studded bicycle tires for use on ice and snow.

Perhaps the best part about riding a bike to campus is the knowledge that you are not contributing to global warming.

In 2002 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reported that we can expect at least a two degree Celsius change in climate by 2100 and a worst case scenario change of 10.4 degrees Celsius. Although some in America may view global warming as a modern day Chicken Little, the international community, including the United Nations, does not.

So as our cars use up expensive and growingly scarce fossil fuel, (called a nonrenewable resource because it doesn't renew itself in an adequate amount of time, meaning we will run out) it seems wise to begin riding now.

If you have a mountain bike but don't bike in the mountains, you should definitely trade it in for a street bike, or one with thinner tires. It cut my commute time almost in half.

A helmet is also a definite must. If not for the mistakes a biker can make, then for the mistakes a driver can.

Any of these reasons alone is enough to ride to campus.

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