Aug 282005
Authors: Lindsay Reiter

Looking to gain new recruits, while enforcing an era of increased safety and education,

the fraternities and sororities of CSU hosted fall rush over the weekend. Beginning on Friday, all students interested in becoming a part of the Greek system participated in events throughout the weekend.

Despite some worry among the Greek community after the death of Samantha Spady, a student who died at the Sigma Pi fraternity house last fall, the number of recruits this semester has not diminished.

"A lot more people signed up to rush this semester, but the number who stay and stick with it is usually about the same," said Kate Norek, a junior speech communication major and member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority.

The Phi Delta Theta fraternity saw a substantial number of new recruits this weekend also.

"We have had a great turnout so far, about 60 guys came this year," said Brandon Baines, a senior restaurant and resort management major and the Phi Delta Theta president.

Alex Griffin, a freshman open option major, is pleased with his rush experience so far.

"Everything has been very smooth. They created an environment that makes it easy to meet new people. Everyone has made an effort to come to you and get to know you," Griffin said.

In addition to changing some of their policies and procedures as a result of Spady's death, the Phi Delta Theta fraternity is working to change the popular image of Greek life.

"The death of Samantha Spady was an unfortunate learning experience. It changed the mindset of the entire community. This is a new time for the Greek System," Baines said. "We want to get the right kids for the right reasons and take away the 'Animal House' image."

The sororities, too, are working to change the typical Greek life stereotype.

"When a girl's main focus is alcohol and partying it's a big turn-off for us. If that is all they come in expecting, they will be disappointed with sororities. It just isn't a solid fit for us," Norek said.

Both Phi Delta Theta and Kappa Kappa Gamma spent the weekend getting to know the new recruits and showing them the positive side of Greek life.

"Saturday we had a luau at the house and Sunday we went to Fort Fun. Monday we are going paintballing," Baines said.

The sororities' recruitment process is a little different. Beginning on Friday, the girls participated in the first of four rounds during which the sorority members and the new recruits got to know each other and narrowed down their choices.

The CSU police department has not had any problems with rush or the events associated with it.

"There have not been any problems with the fraternities or sororities to my knowledge," said Corporal Veronica Olivias.

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