Dear Editor:

Aug 282005

First off: WE? "What kind of government are WE fighting for?" Give me a break! Put on some BDUs and strap on an M4 in the middle of Baghdad and I'll listen to your experience of fighting for something bigger than yourself. You aren't fighting for anything here except proving your paper's already obvious bias.

Secondly: Liberals confuse me. You run around all day screaming about human rights (which yes, I agree – human rights are very important). But, when we oust a dictator who is one of the largest violators of human rights in the world, you start crying about it. Not realizing that the post-conflict Iraq is better than the pre-conflict Iraq in terms of human rights, you're being ignorant, especially concerning your OWN cause. To say that women are worse off now than before? Yeah right.

Third: Liberals are all for letting a nation build itself, right? After all, I only hear about how it's not our place to break down and rebuild. But then what are you harping about? That's right, what the IRAQIS are doing wrong! Talk about a contradiction! Here's a tip: pick one stance and stick to it, but looking at the recent liberal Presidential Candidate, I can see how that's tough for you.

Fourth: You are a "newspaper", so act like it. It's not right for a newspaper to openly declare a stance on certain issues. You're job is to gather and report the news, that's it. And entertain. I like comics.

I don't expect that you'll publish this, because it's inflammatory. The media restricting the First Amendment. There's another great contradiction.

Nicholas J. Winkler

Junior, Foreign Language

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Dear Editor,

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Aug 282005

In response to Tyler Wittman's editorial declaring that Cindy Sheehan is dishonoring her son's memory by protesting the war, I could not disagree more. When Samantha Spady died in a tragic way, her parents honored her memory by setting up a foundation to make sure no one else has to die in the same way. Likewise, Cindy Sheehan lost her son in a tragic way. She is honoring his memory by protesting the circumstances of his death. What better way to honor your son than to try to ensure no one else has to die in the same way? If you support Ms. Sheehan, you can send her a pink rose of support along with an encouraging message at She has encouraged me and many other concerned citizens of the U.S. to take a stand for peace.

Jennifer Bernham


Agricultural sciences

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