Aug 282005
Authors: Ryan Skeels

Having only seen four movies this entire summer due to location issues, it was all I could do to hope for this first week back in the grind, to be an entertaining one. Thank you movie gods for pulling through, I will now sacrifice another copy of "The Core" to keep you on my good side.

Matt Damon, Heath Ledger and friends kicked some serious fairy tail in this weekend's bombastic release of "The Brother's Grimm." Damon and Ledger take the leading roles as brothers Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm, renowned the world over for their unmatchable skills in fending off evil and exorcising demons. Unknown to the public, the two are a complete hoax! It's just the pair and their pals trying to score a little extra dough and make ends meet.

Terry Gilliam has dabbled with directing in such wonders as the "Monty Python" movies and "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas." Thankfully and surprisingly Gilliam decided to have another seat in the chair and take on this enormous magic land movie. Several of the different Grimm fairy tales are woven throughout the flick, with a young Jacob trading a cow for a handful of magic beans right from the get-go. There are also extended scenes with Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, and even Hansel and Gretel strewing breadcrumbs along their travels. If you were ever a big fan of said tales, then this will definitely send a childhood flashback into motion.

Some of the scenes were lengthy, and Gilliam took his time in developing the plethora of characters, leading to a case of the early morning yawns. Still, it must have been tough to keep the running time down to two hours with so many possibilities for stories.

As for cinematography and graphics, "Grimm" was pretty outstanding. The Red Riding hood chase scene was incredible as was the Wolfman and the walking trees. There was one scene with a cloth blowing around that looked awkwardly cheesy, but seemed to fit in with the style of the genre.

One thing that must be commended to the fullest extent is the rating of the movie. It was a perfect borderline PG-13/R film. With gore and a few wicked death scenes you may be wary of taking the easily influenced children in, we wouldn't want them getting any crazy ideas now would we?

Regardless of the slow parts and minimal cheesiness, "The Brother's Grimm" was a pretty descent flick to wake you up. If you dig mythical flicks jam-packed with all your favorite bedtime stories this just may be your bag, baby. You could even take a group of friends and make a fun game out of naming the different stories. It may make for a pretty swell time.

3 out of 4 ram noggins

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