Aug 252005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

The pentagon has ordered that 1,500 more troops be deployed to Iraq. This is in addition to the 138,000 that are already there. The new troops are being sent to provide security in advance of the upcoming national votes. An increase in violence is expected by insurgents opposed to the U.S. backed Iraqi government.

Iraq has missed its third constitutional deadline. The Shiite, Sunni Arab and Kurd groups are still in disagreement regarding decentralization of the government and what role religion should play.

When the United States sent soldiers over to bring democracy to Iraq, it was not to support a constitution that places restrictions on religion and women's rights. Under the new constitution, women will have less rights and a reduced role in government than they did under Saddam Hussein's rule. Religion will play more of a role in the government than it did previously when Iraq's constitution was actually the most secular in the Middle East.

Sending even more troops to Iraq to protect a constitution that is contradictory to many American views on freedom and far from our idea of democracy is putting the U.S. in support of something that many Americans don't believe in.

The United States is backing a government that is still repressive and doesn't give equal rights too both men and women, a freedom that has become an integral part of American culture.

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