A Match Made in Heaven.com

Aug 252005
Authors: Jenna Lynn Ellis

I was catching up on some Internet reading, and this ad caught my eye: "Conservative Singles!" and the subtext read, "Join Free! We match Conservative singles! A community of Conservative Singles!"

Amused, I clicked on the banner and was directed to ConservativeMatch.com where the image of a young, beautiful, happy couple, seemingly enthralled with each other's wondrous conservatism pops up. Ahhhh…. right-wing lovebirds!

There was even a cute little drop-down menu where I, Madame Conservative Extraordinaire, can single-handedly play master of my destiny and choose if I want a "relationship," a "friendship," or…. "both!"

Don't get me wrong, conservatism or any "ism" is definitely a starting point to meet like-minded people, and a potential place to observe commonalities required for a serious relationship. I just don't buy the selling point that "ism"s are all there is, and that "e"harmonious relationships are the key to finding my soul mate. I've met quite a few conservative gents, and believe me, they're not all alike. Conservatism may be the only thing they have going for them.

The globalized industry of Internet dating and the ability to meet potential suitors around the world has complicated and convoluted the playing field. There are so many options now. It's no longer a process of finding your soul mate through the people with whom you naturally come into contact with. It's now an extensive, never-ending quest to eliminate 2.6 billion potential interests so you're left with only one option.

ConservativeMatch.com may think that they're doing us a favor by adding yet another forum where we can search through the catalogue of hundreds of human products, but in reality, it only serves to give you an overload of fake "possibilities". Just because you now know of thousands of "conservative singles" doesn't mean that you have a greater likelihood of a deep relationship with any of them.

Is it because there really are more people to choose from now than in generations past? No. We're just acutely aware of everyone else on our planet and reminded that we still haven't met the other 2.6 billion, every time we log on to the net or turn on the TV.

It's so ridiculous that we think this way. No decision can ever be made by having every single facet and shred of information available. But we're used to thinking this way because we can Google anything and get 12 million responses and websites and advertisements and eBay purchasing suggestions.

It's said that the good is the enemy of the best, and I believe that's true in cases such as ConservativeMatch.com and this whole eRelationship business. While it might be theoretically "good" to see every potential person out there, that's definitely the enemy of the "best" way…. blooming where you're planted.

Relax. Work at it. Enjoy it. …and realize that you don't have to eliminate everyone, you just have to investigate the few "someones" already in your life.

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