Aug 242005
Authors: Jenny Ivy

To CSU students, faculty and staff:

This past summer, I had the privilege of being a part of a talented team of editors and designers who made a complete redesign of The Rocky Mountain Collegian.

When considering the title of the newly redesigned section, formerly known as

"The Dish," I wanted to find a title that represented the exuberance and vigor that I see everyday within CSU students and the surrounding community.

Thumbing through the dozen plus dictionaries that reside in the newsroom, we decided on verve, a word meaning vivacity, energy and vitality.

The arts and entertainment section now had a new title, and a new editor who can say she is honored to carry on the outstanding precedent that 'The Dish' has set.

Most entertainment staffers are returning writers, but some are new voices, eager to provide the most reliable, responsible and up-to-date entertainment information.

From 'Verve,' students can expect weekly CD, movie, book and restaurant reviews, as well as stories from the characters that put color into our sometimes-gray world.

I am proud to offer "Verve" to the students, staff and faculty at CSU, and I encourage anyone with questions, comments or story suggestions to contact me through e-mail, by phone or by stopping in the newsroom.

The Collegian newsroom is located in the lower level of the Lory Student Center inside the Student Media offices.

'Verve' is the art, entertainment and life that is the CSU community. Most importantly, 'Verve' is you, the student.

Jenny Ivy

Entertainment/Verve Editor


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