Aug 242005
Authors: Matt Hitt

Welcome freshmen! I hope your first few class sessions of intro to whatever went well. I'm sure the students hung from the rafters in Clark A 101. Don't worry, you won't see classes nearly that full again until finals.

And that leads me into my first golden nugget of unsolicited advice; Good excuses for skipping class:

*Winning over $1,000 in poker

*You are randomly awarded a dream vacation to Europe.

*An actual fire-breathing dragon attacks your house.


Bad excuses for skipping class:

*Winning over $1,000 pretend in online poker

*You are watching that episode of Family Guy where Stewie goes to Europe for the 19 millionth time.

*A pretend fire-breathing dragon attacks you in Everquest.


Some of my best times at CSU have come at football, basketball and volleyball games. I strongly urge everyone reading this column to attend as many CSU home games as possible. But the embarrassment of not knowing the proper cheers at the game has kept many freshmen at home.


Critical cheers to know for CSU games:

*While the lyrics of the fight song are largely irrelevant (who says "stalwart" anymore?) It is absolutely critical that you stand, clap and yell fight, fight, fight at the end of the song.

*You will hear the cheerleaders yell a largely misunderstood cheer quite often. The words of that cheer are: Eat 'em up, spit 'em out, Ram it out your (visiting team's mascot.)

*Anytime CU is the opponent, the only cheer you need to know is: Dirty Hippies, (insert f-bomb) CU!

But it's not all fun and games here. Before you know it, classes will consist of more than picking up syllabi and leaving. When exam time hits, you need to be prepared.


Good ways to study:

*Listening to music can be distracting. But a soft classical piece by Mozart has been proven to increase the brainpower of stressed college students. Or infants. Or German people. I don't know. I was listening to music when I heard about it.

*Taking quality notes and reviewing them often is a great idea. Even better is getting a friend to take quality notes and give you the "Cliff's Notes" version.

*Sometimes, a quiet place to study in the residence halls is hard to come by. Refrain from showering the month before finals, and no one will interrupt your academic pursuits.


Well, that's all the free advice I have for you today. Have a great year and remember; just because someone asks you if you want to go to a riot doesn't mean you have to go.

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