Dear Editor,

Aug 242005

I would like to thank the students who attended Tuesday night's city council working session on enforcement of the three-person occupancy limit. Their signs politely communicated opposition to the matter and their hope for a better solution. Even though there was no public comment period, no one disrupted the session.

Most long time residents in attendance had numerous quality-of-life complaints such as noise, barking dogs, late night parties, on-street parking, speeding near kids and unkempt yards. A study showed these "over-occupied" houses form a large percent of these complaints. That is why many long time residents are demanding better enforcement of the 40-year-old law.

Perhaps the "better solution" would be for students to help with the quality-of-life complaints in neighborhoods. Maybe the city's neighborhood nuisance staff could suggest how.

Often, neighbors fear retaliation and won't report issues. Sometimes complaints by only one person are not treated as credible. Our small but dedicated police force doesn't have the time to address "nuisance" violations, especially on weekend nights.

Again thank you to the students who want to help with this issue. I hope we can find a way to resolve the quality-of-life issues without needing to "spread out" more or making housing less affordable.

James Rowland

Fort Collins resident

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