Black Label

Aug 242005
Authors: Julie Abiecunas

Located next to Cheba Hut, the Black Label clothing store is a refreshingly trendy addition to the Fort Collins fashion scene.

Started by sisters Jenny Werner and Molly Aldrich, the store specializes in selling a mix of new, used and vintage clothing lines at discounted prices.

The name of the store, Black Label, is a fashion term referring to the highest quality of design or label of a designer.

"Every designer has their different labels," Werner said, "But their black label is always the highest quality."

Some such designer labels featured in Black Label include Diesel, Volcom, Hurley and some more up and coming designers such as Nineveh and Goorin.

Along with these designers, Aldrich and Werner also plan to start their own line, which will be carried in the store. While Aldrich and Werner are still trying to come up with a name for their line, they already have plans for their line to have a deconstructed/reconstructed theme.

It is Werner's aim that by carrying certain brands, the store will be able to stay trendy and current with what people are wearing.

"We attend a lot of fashion shows, to get a feel for what's current," Werner said. "We try and have what's trendy and the most in-demand labels in our store."

While customers may enjoy the trendy brands, it is often the vintage couture of Black Label that keeps customers coming back.

"I love their clothes here. Last time I was here I got a really cute silk skirt, so I thought I had to come back again and look," said Fort Collins resident Mackenzie Bekkedahl, "I love the vintage look. Some such vintage items Black Label carries include jackets, tops, shoes and racks and racks of jeans."

Gus Anaya, who is seeking a second degree in electrical engineering, recently stopped by the store on his way back from buying textbooks in order to check out the wide array of jeans Black Label offers.

"This is my first time in the store. I haven't really had a chance to look around much yet, but it seems like they have some really cool stuff in here," Anaya said.

According to Werner, her sister and her got the idea for the boutique look of Black Label from trendy stores they saw visiting New York City. At these stores, Werner said there is just about every array of clothing from new, to vintage, to used and often the clothes are from a variety of local and well-known designers.

While launching their Fort Collins store is first on Werner and her sister's list of to-do's, they hope their own line will be up and running soon and one day would like to expand and open another Black Label elsewhere.

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