Aug 232005
Authors: Ryan Chapman

Fall is finally here. Classes are back in session, football season is nearly upon us, and it is a great time to be a student at Colorado State University.

As it turns out, it is also a great time to be a terrorist, especially if you're a Palestinian terrorist. Now some of you may be wondering why exactly it would ever be a great time to be a terrorist, and I will tell you. Thirty-eight years of blowing up buses, cafe's, and every innocent civilian in sight has finally paid off for the Palestinians. Israel is giving back the Gaza Strip.

That's right; they finally got what they wanted. Last week Israel began the forced evacuation of its own citizens from the Gaza Strip in an attempt at peace with the Palestinians. This move, which liberals in America seem to think is gallant and intelligent, I see as utterly insane.

If the only respectable democracy in the Middle East starts conceding to the demands of terrorist murderers who kill women and children, then any hope of peace in that region is even farther away than we thought. Rewarding terrorists for having a twisted perspective on war and human life in general will only encourage them.

When casually discussing this issue with my father the other day a bystander said to me, "They only became terrorists because we took their land!"

Now let me tell you why this is not only wrong, but stupid. First of all, "we" didn't take anything; Israel took the debated territory (along with the Sinai Peninsula, West Bank, and Golan Heights) in the Six Day War of 1967. This war, mind you, was instigated by Israel's Arab neighbors – Egypt, Syria, and Jordan – who were then completely humiliated and defeated in, you guessed it…six days.

Now while these areas are the spoils of war, Israel has no responsibility to return them. Myself and those who understand how the world works have agreed on that for the better part of 40 years. That is until last week when those Israelis who have settled in the West Bank were drug, kicking and screaming, from their homes by teary-eyed soldiers from their own army. I don't think this is the scene Moses had in mind when he called this the "promised land."

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon called the move an attempt to "disengage" from the conflict. At the same time the militant group Hamas, which is responsible for many of the attacks on Israeli citizens, saw the pullout as a victory and even hung posters in the city of Gaza in celebration. Now I don't know about you, but purposefully giving barbaric murderers something to cheer about, makes me angry and confused.

How can this make sense? All we are doing is conditioning these animals to kill more people the next time they want something because they have gotten results in the past. I predict that this move will produce very little progress toward peace. Instead it will ultimately just put Israel, and the rest of the world for that matter, at risk from the newly inspired and revitalized wave of suicide bombers from the Middle East.

But hey! That's just me, and that's my opinion for the week. And I hope all my readers have as much success this semester as terrorism has had in the past week.

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