New kid on the block

Aug 232005
Authors: Trevor Edy

Name: Marc Lubick

High School: Fort Collins High School

College: CSU

Occupation: Ram's wide receivers coach

Age: 27

Marital Status: Single

After losing his best recruiter, and son Matt to a job at Mississippi University, Sonny Lubick was looking to renovate his coaching staff. He decided to keep it in the family by hiring his youngest son Marc Lubick.

"He always gets the best out of the guys, and addresses them in a knowledgeable way," said head coach Sonny Lubick of Marc. Sonny also said his son is a great teacher and is always prepared for anything.

Even though he may be new to Sonny's staff, there is one thing he doesn't lack: experience. Prior to joining his dad's staff, Marc was heading up the scouting department for the St. Louis Rams, working alongside head coach Mike Martz.

"In the NFL, the players are calling the shots, it is a lot different on the college level…these guys want to learn," said Marc.

Mike Martz said he really liked Marc's style and work ethic, and was about to hire him on his staff just before he returned to Fort Collins, according to Rams Illustrated.

Marc also was a standout quarterback at Fort Collins High School as well as playing some defensive back for Montana State. He did all this before receiving a degree from CSU in 2001.

Marc Lubick hasn't been around long but says he's already enjoying being a Ram.

"Working for my dad is awesome, things are going really well," said Marc.

"He is an awesome coach, he has so much energy and wants to be out there just as much as we do," said Junior wide-out Dustin Osborn. Osborn also added that Marc is learning just as much as the players.

Senior receiver Dave Anderson refers to Marc as an enthusiastic and encouraging young coach, but needs some fashion help.

"Once he wore socks with sandals, you can't do that in a college town," said Anderson.

Lubick had a shoulder brace on for a while and the players said it was funny when he would try to demonstrate drills.

"He only had one arm to work with, it was funny," said Anderson.

Marc said he only visits his one-bedroom condo seven hours a day, but always finds time to go steal some food from his parents.

"When I wasn't home, he came in and stole four boxes of cereal, he only left me with the Special K…that should last him for a few weeks though," said Sonny.

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