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Authors: Margaret Canty

The new CSU magazine 1870*, first published in June, has overcome its first obstacle.

On Monday, the magazine was advised to present its business plan and budget to the Student Fee Review Board. It was put on hold because of a "miscommunication" with the budget, said Katie Kelley, senior technical journalism major and co-editor of 1870*.

"It wasn't a content or First Amendment Issue," Kelley said. "We had a meeting and got everything completely fixed."

The meeting was held Monday when several of the magazines representatives met with administrators to discuss funding for the magazine.

The choice to put the publication on hold was made by Student Media Director Jeff Browne .

"I suspended the publication because I didn't know where we stood." he said.

Browne also believes the meeting was a step forward.

"I think everyone won in the end," he said.

Christopher Ortiz , co-editor of 1870*, agreed with Browne.

"I'm surprised there was no animosity after the meeting. Everyone went away happy," Ortiz said.

Kelley said the magazine name was also being debated due to the alumni club of the same title.

"1870 is a group without legal ownership of the name, but we don't want people to confuse us as a reflection of what they do," Kelley said. "So out of courtesy we're thinking of changing the name. We're open to suggestions."

1870* advisor and Student Media Production Manager Jenny Fischer said the next issue of the magazine will be available in October.

Because it is a "test product" this year, there only will be two issues a semester, but a firmer schedule will be made for the 2006-2007 school year.

"We (Kelley and Ortiz didn't do this for ourselves, but for the future. We wanted a new media source to branch out as another outlet for students," Kelley said. "We want to see it continue."

For more information or if interested in joining the 1870* staff, e-mail resumes and writing samples to Kelley at

"We want this magazine to take things further. We want to be in your face. We want to get in there and make people aware," Kelley said.

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