Club soccer starts season

Aug 232005
Authors: Nate Ramos, Brett Okamoto

Along with the commencement of classes, club soccer will also start rolling this week.

After a break for summer club soccer has returned, and both the men's and women's teams will be looking to repeat on past success.

"Last year our men's soccer team was first in the division, won regionals, and was invited to nationals," said Steve Krebsbach, men's soccer president. "At Nationals we finished second."

Despite the success men's soccer has celebrated in the first 25 years of their program, CSU have never been able to keep that momentum going into the national level. They've come up just short on their trips to Nationals.

The women's team, however, have taken their success to national competition and established themselves as a premier team. They have won the National Intramural and Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) tournament three out of the last six years.

The fact that the club teams have been so successful is even more impressive considering they don't recruit like varsity sports. They rely completely on the talent of non-scholarship students who tryout.

Both men's and women's soccer teams are currently in the process of getting teams together. Tryouts for both teams start August 24-26 from 4 to 6 p.m.

"Every year we get about 80 people tryout for each section," Krebsbach said. "Since we have two teams, Gold being the top team and Green being the secondary team, with each team holding 20 slots, we have to cut half of the people who tryout."

However unlike NCAA sports that keep rosters and retain the majority of their players, club sports require students to prove themselves year after year.

"We keep a lot of our players except for those that graduate, but we take the best regardless of whether they played for us last year," Krebsbach said.."

"We're looking for good players that will bring something to the team," said women's senior player Nellie Stisser. "We definitely lost some key players last year to graduation that we will be missing."

Club soccer has an open policy and accepts all players regardless of experience. However, tryouts are competitive, and much is expected from the players from the first day. Once on the team, players follow a demanding schedule.

"Our schedule is pretty demanding,' Krebsbach said. "For those that make the team they can look forward to playing a game every weekend and practice everyday. But we understand that no one comes to CSU to play club soccer and have a high regard for academics."

But unlike the NCAA, club sports do not have GPA based eligibility requirements. The only requirements to play in club soccer are being a full-time student and limiting their soccer career for CSU to six years.

Aside from the demanding schedule, club soccer is a place for people of all abilities to get together and share a love for the sport, said Krebsbach. It also gives students the opportunity to make long lasting friendships.

"It's a really good group of girls," said Stisser of her club teammates. "We have a great time on and off the field."

For more information on how to get involved in club soccer Krebsbach suggests going to and looking at the website. They can also stop by the club sports office located on the second floor in the recreational center.

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