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Aug 232005
Authors: Elena Ulyanova

CSU reveals spots of green all over, from the flyers promoting recycling that adorn the tables of the food court in the Lory Student Center, to the use of WebCT.

Throughout the previous fiscal year, CSU recycled 53.8 percent of the waste that was collected on the campus, and during this fiscal year, 56.2 percent of the waste has been recycled. CSU also placed fifth in the nation in the most recent Recyclemania – the national competition in which universities try to collect the most recyclables.

Students are informed about the recycling program through residence hall handbooks, residence assistants and other promotional activities that take place throughout the year. However, many freshmen may not yet be familiar with it.

"I don't think they put a lot of emphasis on it. I didn't even know there was recycling in the dorms until we had to do inventory and I noticed the bin. Then we had to ask about it and we didn't know there was a recycling area until then," said Laurenn Johnson, freshman open-option seeking pre-med.

Sheela Backen, integrated solid waste operations manager, said freshman are not yet as familiar with the program as she would like them to be.

"I know they know that we recycle on campus, they just don't always know where," Backen said.

In comparison to CSU's recycling program, which began in the 1970s, the University of Northern Colorado only began approximately five years ago. Despite their young program, in 2004, the University of Northern Colorado recycled 189 tons of materials.

"I think we got a ways to go. I think everyone has a ways to go. I am familiar with the recycling programs at CSU and CU (University of Colorado- Boulder) and I think they both do a really good job," said Darrell Johnson, manager of custodial services of UNC.

According to Rebecca Walek, recycling program manager at CU, the university recycles 1,200 tons a year, diverting 30 percent of their waste from reaching a landfill.

Although CSU is already one of the leading universities as far as recycling is concerned, Backen still sees room for improvement.

"My biggest dream is zero waste," Backen said. "Our recycling is growing. Every year we have more recycling."

Recycling information can be located in the CSU handbook or at

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