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Aug 222005
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President George W. Bush has time on his hands.

He's got time to go bicycling with Lance Armstrong while taking time off from Washington in Texas. He had time to talk to veterans in Utah Monday.

But he doesn't have time to talk to the one person who probably wants to talk to him the most.

Cindy Sheehan continues her nearly two-week vigil outside of Bush's Crawford, Texas residence and has yet to meet with the president. Her story has gained national coverage and support, and now a contingent from Colorado is journeying to Texas to join her in her quest to talk to Bush about her slain soldier son, Casey.

Casey Sheehan was killed in Iraq when a roadside bomb exploded and destroyed the Humvee he was driving in. Cindy Sheehan does not support the war and wants to talk with Bush and ask him some questions about why the troops are there.

Last week, the President was in Crawford on vacation, but declined to see Sheehan and has only briefly acknowledged she is outside, waiting for him to come and talk to her.

The President has since left Crawford to continue speaking to crowds and rallying across the nation. Yet he still will not discuss anything with or about Sheehan.

It's a shame that the President will not take five minutes to hear her out.

While it would no doubt be difficult to talk to every person who came to the White House, Sheehan deserves the President's consideration, especially as her supporters grow in numbers. Her plight and quest have made national attention Bush should grant. Five minutes may be nearly impossible for a President to spare, but we can't think of anything better to spare five minutes for.

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