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Aug 212005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Welcome back students! It's that time of year again; put away your swimsuits and sunscreen and take out your notebooks and pens.

After three short months of rest and relaxation, it's time to get back to the daily grind of school.

Although some of you may not be ready to sit through what seems like excruciatingly long classes, the new school year also offers chances to make new friends, reunite with old ones and have some fun.

The weekend before school started last fall was full of students having too much fun in destructive ways. Thankfully, this past weekend students were smart and remained safe, with no riots, no tear gas, no couches lit on fire and no forced consequences. It's a good sign that CSU didn't make headlines and local television stations for the indiscretion of its students.

The Collegian urges students to continue to act like the adults we are throughout this year. Please continue to be responsible and party safe so we can avoid the events and tragedies of last year and work towards rebuilding our reputation as an exceptional institution of higher education.

With football season coming up, pre-game and tailgate parties seem to be on the agenda for many students. However, getting sick in the bleachers at Hughes Stadium and arrested for under-age drinking isn't a good way to show your Ram pride. We got beer back at the stadium; let's not lose it again.

Last year, it seemed that CSU all too often got a black eye in the local presses because of the poor, and sometimes tragic, decisions of its students.

Feel free to take advantage of the many opportunities, both social and educational, offered here at CSU.

Make this year unforgettable – for the right reasons.

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