CSU Welcomes New Rams Home

Aug 212005
Authors: Amy Robinson

With a CSU student population of more than 25,000 students, some freshmen may be feeling lost in the crowd.

However, a program has been established to help ease their transition of being away from home. Ram Welcome, sponsored by the Academic Affairs and Office of Senior Vice President and Interim Provost in conjunction with Housing and Dining Services and CSU's eight colleges, officially began on Thursday and continued through Sunday.

This was the second year for the annual Ram Welcome event. Last year nearly 4,000 freshmen participated in scheduled events, and this year was just as big, said the Provost Office. Feedback from previous participants helped to improve staff, faculty and volunteers' efforts to welcome new students this year.

Freshman open-option major Lauren Guy is just one of the many students willing to provide feedback to help improve next years Ram Welcome.

"I think having more time to move in would be nice. Ram Welcome has been kind of overwhelming. They give you lots of information all at once, but it has helped me become more familiar with the campus," Guy said.

She also added that Friday's Late Night at the Lory Student Center was fun and she enjoyed the CSU Street Fair where students got to see organization exhibits and booths from the eight colleges.

"I had so many questions, more one on one time with the advisors would have been nice," Guy said.

Freshman zoology major Annalee Hamilton shared similar sentiments with Guy. Hamilton said she liked the College Day Activities and the CSU Street Fair.

"Ram Welcome has helped me know my way around campus. I also like that there is a late night Wal-Mart Road Trip because I forgot some stuff," Hamilton said .

Although the Ram Welcome ceremony could have been shorter, Hamilton thought President Larry Penley's speech was cool.

Feedback from students like Guy and Hamilton would not have been possible if it wasn't for the work of volunteers and staff members like Molly McLaurin, senior business management major, and Matt Helmer , Campus Activities Program Coordinator and Lory Student Center Arts Program Director. Both work at the I.Box (Campus Information and Campus Box Office desk in the LSC). McLaurin and Helmer said they decided to become involved in Ram Welcome because their office sponsored the game "Go Fish with the I.Box Staff" for Late Night at the LSC.

As McLaurin was helping hand out fish to game winners she said, "I think Ram Welcome is awesome. I am having so much fun. Ram Welcome helps new students get to know others and become acquainted with the Student Center."

"The best part of Ram Welcome is that it provides freshmen with a sense of community and home at CSU right away. (Freshmen) know people care and it helps them have a good transition," Helmer said.

Getting to know people, having a good time and interacting with faculty and staff is important, Helmer said.

Despite the fact that Ram Welcome is a lot of events crammed into a few short days, Helmer said that it is an amazing experience.

"There are always little details about Ram Welcome that we can improve. In the big sense though, Ram Welcome is good. I wouldn't want to change it," Helmer said.

For more information about this year's Ram Welcome and how to become a volunteer for next year's program visit www.ramwelcome.colostate.edu.

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