You’re at the big show

Aug 172005
Authors: Scott Bondy

Where would you go if you wanted to see 30,000-plus people cheering, or booing for that matter? You may be used to seeing about 1,000 people enjoying a pop outside your high school stadium, but wait 'till you set your eager eyes on Hughes Stadium, with people lining the fields alongside Overland Trail, possibly with something other than pop.

If you haven't been out there yet, it won't be long (Sept. 24) before the first home football game of the year. The stadium lies along the beautiful Front Range that we in Fort Collins have learned to love and take advantage of.

Finally you have a team to cheer behind, and it will actually matter. Your high school may have won state; I don't care. Did you see them ranked on ESPN as number 15 in the BCS? I've seen our beloved Rammies that high as recent as 2002.

This year, you will watch CSU take down in-state rival Air Force on a Thursday night game on ESPN. You will see a big time coach in Sonny Lubick vying for his 100th career victory. You will see a quarterback with a cannon-of-an-arm make his return from a leg injury.

Regardless of what some nay-sayers may think we do have a well-established and high profile program. Former CSU quarterback Bradlee Van Pelt now resides as the backup for the Denver Broncos. All-Pro linebacker Joey Porter of the Pittsburgh Steelers is an alum as well and has donated money to further the program. And Dexter Wynn, a backup cornerback and special teams specialist, plays for the NFC Champion Philadelphia Eagles.

If you want to fit in at games, here's a little heads up. Fans must jingle their keys when CSU is about to kick off. Absolutely never should you have your keys in hand when the opposing team kicks off. It is bad luck. Crowd push-ups are mandatory. When we score any points, find someone that will be easy to lift. Gather a few people and throw that person in the air for every point we have.

College athletics are something to take advantage of and show pride in. I'm saddened by the fact that this will be my last college football season. I have no regrets – I hope you all can say the same.

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