Aug 172005
Authors: Trevor Edy

Nothing seems to be free to students anymore and many of them constantly feel the financial pressure of attending college. CSU is helping students by providing free admission into all school-sanctioned varsity sporting events. All that's required is a CSU student I.D.

"We basically scan the I.D. and give the student a ticket, just as long the I.D. has not been used to get tickets already," said Aaron Longoria, an employee at the campus I.Box in the Lory Student Center. "Just come by on the week before the game, and have your I.D. ready and we will give you a ticket."

Angela Poovey, a sophomore interior design major, feels that CSU is able to attract larger crowds by giving free tickets to students.

"A lot more people go to the games because we are poor," Poovey said.

Like many other students Poovey has many other things to worry about financially.

"Students have a lot of things to pay for, like rent, a car, and food," she said.

Even though she went to almost every football game, Poovey said that she would not buy season tickets if the university required students to pay, much like other universities do across the nation.

The University of Colorado has student season tickets on sale for $58 for only 5 home games.

"Our system has been in place for a long time and works great," said senior associate athletic director Gary Ozzello. " We are very fortunate for the support from the students."

Ozzello has been around the sports program for over 26 years and sees no ramifications toward the university because of the free admission.

"Other universities have individual and season packages for students, but we are doing just fine (financially)" said Ozzello.

This is an opportunity for incoming freshman watching their funds to get out and do something social without spending money. Along with the game, tailgating has been a great tradition in the parking lot before football games for years.

Not only are the games free to get into, but parking is also free with a student I.D. "We appreciate our students and love to give back to them," said Ozello.

Throughout many of the varsity sport seasons, the CSU athletic marketing department provides free shirts and food, amongst other things.

Students can get their free tickets at the Campus Information Desk located in the Student Center. The hours of operation of the I.Box window are 6 a.m.-11 p.m. Monday through Friday.

"It's great to see thousands at the sporting events," said Ozzello

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