The ‘Greek Squad’

Aug 172005
Authors: Sarah Mast


Go Greek!

Enroll online at or contact the Greek Life office at 491-0966.

Fall recruitment begins Friday, August 26 with orientation starting at 5:30 p.m. in the West Ballroom of the Lory Student Center.

The Cost

Average cost per semester to live-in at a chapter: $2,700, including meals, room and board and activities.

Average cost per semester to live out of a chapter: $450, which covers most activities

If you're looking to go Greek, you're not alone.

Greek Life is the largest organization on the CSU campus involving 8 percent of the student body or roughly 1600 members.

The organization provides a way for students to feel more like a part of the university, gain leadership skills, excel in academics and participate in athletic and philanthropic events.

"Greek Life is a quick and easy way to take a big campus and make a small community where you can build deep friendships, leadership skills, the ability to run organizations, prepare for the workforce and earn scholarships," said Director of Greek Life Mark Koepsell.

Students said the following qualities are what attractive about Greek Life,.

"(I am interested because) a fraternity promotes a sense of community and family, opening up your network and allowing you to make friends quickly and easily," said Brian Lancaster, a freshman electrical engineering major.

One of the most common misconceptions involving Greek Life is that fraternities and sororities are big party organizations.

"If you want to party safely, go Greek," Koepsell said. "Greeks have risk management policy. They bend over backward to make sure members are socializing safely. There is no alcohol in any facility."

Requirements for joining a fraternity or sorority vary by each chapter. All chapters require at least a 2.75 high school grade point average, but college GPA requirements vary.

Each fraternity and sorority has a different mission or goal, and students interested in being a part of Greek Life have a lot of choices in regard to which chapter they want to be a part of.

"Each individual chapter is unique. It is about identifying what is important to you and finding a chapter that meets those needs," Koepsell said.

Greek life has 22 fraternities or 15 sororities to choose from.

Each fraternity and sorority has a different mission statement describing what they stand for and what they wish to accomplish. Each chapter is also involved with different charities and donates time and money to the community in different ways.

"Greek students are involved, committed and caring students that truly do make a difference at CSU and in the Fort Collins community," said Interfraternity Council President, Kevin Selvy.

Selvy said the Greek community puts in 45,000 hours of community service and gives over $150,000 to charitable organizations every year.

The biggest philanthropic effort Greeks are involved in is "Up 'till Dawn," which raises money for St. Jude Cancer Research Center in Memphis, Tenn. The Greek community has raised over $420,000 for the cause.

"Despite all of the practical reasons I would encourage people to go Greek, the biggest reason is by far the friendships," Selvy said.

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