Aug 172005
Authors: Margaret Canty

Regardless of race, gender, grade point average, sexual orientation or color, one association claims every student as a member – the Associated Students of CSU.

According to Student Body President Courtney Heale, ASCSU's job is to represent the student body to the CSU administration. There are 160 official members, but Healey said every student is a member.

"Anyone who is looking to become more involved with us should stop by the office," Healey said. "The more people we have, the more things we get done."

ASCSU works to communicate with students, Healey said. The group also organizes events, fundraisers and anything involving "Ram Pride."

ASCSU is also "keeping on their toes" for involvement in the community, including issues in the city and state. In addition, they play a large role in allocating over $16 million student fees, according to their Web site.

Ram Ride, a non-judgmental safe ride home program developed by ASCSU, has become the number one program of its kind in the United States and helped make ASCSU well renowned in other states, Healey said.

"(ASCSU) do good stuff. They work for the students. That's what they're about," said Sly Ziggie, a junior microbiology major.

Although Healey said every year is "darn good," she views the problems they're dealing with this year, including a financial and volunteer shortage, as an opportunity.

"The challenges we're facing will give us the opportunity to shine," she said.

Some students are supportive of ASCSU.

"They (ASCSU) provide things like Ram Ride, which is a really good resource," said Caine Uhlenbrock, a senior speech communications major.

ASCSU members do not limit themselves to the CSU campus.

"The new president, Courtney, has been really active in the community, especially with trying to change the three unrelated law," said Shelly Peitzmeier, a sophomore psychology major.

For interested freshmen, Healey recommends joining the Ram Leadership team, a freshmen-only group that "introduces leadership skills and CSU systems." Students can apply online at or directly at their office in the Lory Student Center.

"I love when students stop by to talk. Staring at e-mails gets depressing, but I could chit chat for hours," Healey said about ASCSU's open door policy. "We're a real social bunch."

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